12th Annual Global
International Trade Exhibition
Combined shows - Asia America  -  Miami Hospitality – SportX Miami
Miami Airport Convention Center, July 11th, 12th, 13th, 2023

Email: info@exportimporttradeshow.com Tel: (305)-262-3200
Global Leaders in bringing together Buyers and Sellers in Miami – “The Export / Import Capital of the Americas” from countries around the world, The United States, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North and South America and the Caribbean. Meet directly with worldwide foreign trade missions, delegations and export/import associations. Free business to business conferences and investment opportunities presented by each country’s Trade Official.

Miami Airport Convention Center
July 11,12,13, 2023
Miami Airport Convention Center
July 11,12,13, 2023

Multi-Product Exhibitors Worldwide
“Close sales, generate leads and build lasting business relationships with international trade professionals”

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Major import / export product sectors:
General Merchandise - Housewares - Hospitality Products - Sports & Fitness Products
General merchandise, hospitality products for restaurants and hotels, apparel & fashion accessories, beauty, style & health, lingerie, footwear, linens, bedding, bath & kitchen products, home appliances, housewares, kitchenware, consumer electronics, cellular, outdoor, sporting goods, exercise/fitness equipment, furniture, camping, toys, gifts, seasonal, souvenirs, novelties, tools, convenience & dollar items, smoking products, variety, value, carpet and rugs, handicrafts, handlooms, leather products, packaged, canned and bottled food products, rubber, plastic & paper products, textiles, jewelry, home appliances, LED lighting, interior clothing and lingerie, decoration items, tools and hardware, security products, POS, liquidations & closeouts and much more.

Miami – “The Export / Import Trading Capitol of the Americas”
VIP Attendees: Importers, Exporters, Wholesale Buyers, Distributors, Retail Store Buyers, Agents, Re-Exporters
Miami's Latin American & Caribbean export Markets
A B2B Multi-Product Wholesaler and Manufacturer Trade Show that brings in buyers from 43 countries, the State of Florida, the United States, The Caribbean and Central & South America. You can sell to these international markets while still being in a major U.S. City, the hub of the Americas, MIAMI.
Most international buyers buy their merchandise at the show, ship back their own merchandise, drop ship in Miami or ship direct.

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Venue Contact: Miami Airport Convention Center, MACC Doubletree Hotel:
777 NW 72 Ave. Miami, Florida 33165  Tel: 305-223-7060 ext. 266